Princess of Philippines Maria Amor


Princess of Philippines Maria Amor 

Crown Princess Maria Amor has a noble heart. Love of humanity is the driving force in her life. She is truly humanity’s Traveling Princess. Born in the Philippines, an intelligent, extremely lovely girl became a beauty queen, model, keep-fit expert, natural leader and entrepreneur. Fame took her to the U. S. A., where she excelled in international charity work.

Rushing like a roller coaster 

A non-political influencer of world affairs for peace, Traveling Princess Maria Amor works for the advancement of the people of the world, in peace, health, economic standards, democratic freedom and education. She is as distant from politics as the moon and the stars. The first Global Officials of Dignity Awards 2013 was held at The Academy of Television Arts & Science in Los Angeles. The annual Global Officials of Dignity Awards and Humanitarian Summits 2014/2015/2016 were held at the United Nations Headquarters New York with the [2 day] W. C. H. Humanitarian Summit. W. C. H. is registered at United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Instagram: @princessmariaamor


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